18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

Trump ran on things that Americans cared about. Anyone who turns that into a mostly race matter (even when they are trying to be funny) is missing the main points.

Most liberals seem to love belittling half the country that cared, and still cares about America not getting ripped off in foreign deals, lowering unneeded regulations, getting a simpler tax plan, getting rid of Obama Care which was spiraling downward and doing something about the many millions of illegals coming into this country that were taking jobs and taxing the system.

I know lots of Trump voters and none I know are haters or vote out of race. We would have voted for a no-nonsense, common sense black guy any day of the week.

It’s seems stylish for many to bash Trump, who has more courage than 10 Obamas, but if you’ve noticed in recent elections, it doesn’t carry the day or create a worthy vision for the future that people will vote for.