If you are planning to work from home temporarily or permanently, there are few steps you can take which can make you more work effectively. Everyone may have their own version of working. I have tried to put across what has worked best in my experience here.

1. Create a comfortable mini-workspace

It’s very important to have mini workspace so that it gives you working mood everyday when you get there. This could be a separate room or just a desk within your bed room/drawing area. Avoid setting up workspace in living hall so that you are not disturbed from distractions. It may take a…

Have a look and decide for yourself.

Before you proceed, I believe you know the basics of JavaScript.

— Data types: Primitive (Boolean, Number, String, null, undefined, Symbol? and Object) and Date, Array, Function, RegExp and so on.

— Operators: ==,===, bitwise, logical, conditional, comparison and so on.

— Conditional blocks: if…else, switch, try…throw…catch…exception…finally

— Loops: for, while, do…while, for…in, for…of

— Function: declaration, scope, closure? we will talk more about it

— Significance of typeof, instanceof, this, super and new

— why let came to into picture when we have var?

— Inheritance with the prototype chain using constructor, Object.create, class.

Going ahead, I assume you know the above stuff.

Default parameters

As of 2017 December, Chrome is used by 65% of desktop users. And all of us spend quite a lot of time on this browser on a daily basis. So I believe its worth spending few minutes to know how you can make the best use of it.

T1. Omnibox : Its like BB-8 from Star Wars

Sunil B N

Learning and playing with code since 2011 | Sr Dev @ServiceNow | ex-SAP | BLR

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