Newborn Baby Myths Busted!

Being a new mom is the best thing in the world, isn’t it? What else comes close to seeing and holding your newborn baby for the first time?

I assumed that will do good for my newborn baby, I didn’t ask too many questions because they were age-old beliefs. But gradually, I began asking questions and realized that I was doing things wrong.

Having got misled myself, I do not want the other mothers out there to get misled. That’s exactly why today I am exposing some of the biggest myths of baby care and the truth behind them!

Myth 1: You Can “Control” Your Baby’s Sleep Patterns

Fact: You Have No Control!

I know a lot of people read about sleeping schedules and how they can implement them. The mistake they make is assuming it applies to newborns! The truth is a newborn will fall asleep as and when they feel sleepy.

Myth 2: Holding your child every time they cry is bad

Fact: Skin on skin contact is great for your child!

This myth claims that children will cry to manipulate the parents' emotions and giving them too much attention will end up spoiling them! The fact is that it is only around the 9th month of development do kids actually understand that they can get their own way by crying!

Myth 3: Children sleep better on their stomach

Fact: This can be dangerous

Studies have shown that a child has a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome when sleeping on their side or stomach. So, always make sure you put your newborn to sleep on their back!

Myth 4: Babies need a lot of sunlight

Fact: Too much sunlight can damage your babies skin

While it’s true that newborns do need sunlight as it is a source of vitamin D, it is also worth keeping in mind that babies skin is very sensitive. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage.

Myth 5: Firm massages help strengthen bones

Fact: Massages should be gentle

Often we see people giving the child a very rough massage as they believe this myth! Oil massages, but, they have no effect on bone strength.

Myth 6: Tight caps lead to round heads

Fact: Caps have no effect on the head shape

The shape of a baby’s head is dependent on a number of things none of which involve a cap! A baby’s head will take a few months to settle, usually only after the first 3 months.

Myth 7: Kajal ensures big eyes and good vision

Fact: Kajal can cause eye infections

Kajal can actually lead to eye infections and it’s better that its avoided, it’s not worth the risk.

Myth 8: Breastmilk treats ear infections

Fact: Breast milk can cause ear infections!

If you put breastmilk in a child’s ear, it will cause the infection to become worse! So, avoid it!

It’s a shame how many people believe all these myths about newborns! It’s always better to check with your doctor.

These are just a few of the countless myths that exist regarding newborn care!

How many of them did you believe?

And what are some of the funniest or strangest myths you have heard about child care?