How to moderate chat content with ConnectyCube Trust & Safety

ConnectyCube platform provides customers with Trust & Safety (TnS) tool intended for masking bad words in chat and some further use cases.

It includes the following features:

  1. Masking offensive words
  2. User ban in a case of frequent abuse

It allows to replace inappropriate words in chat with some mask like *** on-the-go, without manual modification. You can create separate rules for each word or regexp you need to replace or use a ready list of words, saved in .txt file.

Read more about how to use this tool in our documentation.

Below we will review some popular use cases from the real world, so you will understand it better — all its big potential which you can give to your end users.

Use case #1 — Masking bad words in chat conversation

In the modern technology world even small children are using internet and various applications.

Parents want to save their children from bad words as a rule and need to take efforts to protect them. Many apps and forums already use bad words moderation to help their users.

You can use ConnectyCube Trust & Safety tool to replace bad words with something else in your app (asterisks or some other words, for example, “mushroom”). It is possible to mask certain words only or use a complete dictionary for filtering. The result might look like this:

Use case #2 — Masking emails and phone numbers

Imagine you have a real estate app and real estate agents are contacting customers though your app. At some point they might want to move on and use phone or email instead, for example.

You might want to keep your users from moving to other means of communication.

So, what can you do to prevent it?

In this case you can use ConnectyCube Trust & Safety tool for setting the rule which will replace all phone numbers or emails with something else at your discretion.

Use case #3 — User ban in a case of frequent abuse

Some users can be really abusive and make other app users uncomfortable with their behaviour, which might lead to users leaving your app and never come back.

ConnectyCube Trust & Safety tool allows banning such users to protect other application users.

If a user is in the ban list then he will not be able to login to system and chat. The tool provides an ability to set the expiration date for this ban.

To sum up, with ConnectyCube Trust & Safety tool you can moderate your chat content and achieve your goals easier and more efficiently.

Check our documentation to find out how you can use it.

Good luck!

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