Nail the Timing

Real quick, I didn’t get a chance to read today until 11:20pm. Lame. But I’m picking up a few pages of Godin before bed. Much of his writing seems to filter through me, leaving mainly encouragement to go out and do something, but in a brilliant way.

I didn’t actually get a chance to work today, but I went ahead and attempted a practice GMAT exam. Among the constant barks from Rocky and doubting my study-less abilities for this prelim, I finished with a 610 (around the 70% percentile). Seems rough, I know, but it’s the exact score that makes me feel decent about post-study Connelly and determined to reach the 700 mark. Duke status.

Also, spent the evening with Chan-man tonight in Norman. Dinner at BJ’s (it was free Pazookie night, score) and watched Inherent Vice. Coming from a Paul Thomas Anderson fan, I wasn’t so much about this film. Apparently the film was adapted from a book full of complex, often sporadic characters, which translated well.

ANYWAYS, wanted to keep this one brrrrrief.

— Connelly

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