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When somebody near and dear to the family dies he has to be buried or cremated as per his wishes. If he has not asked for anything specific he can be cremated. Cremation is the best way of disposing the body in an affordable manner.

When you have direct cremation there is no formal funeral or pre-funeral services which cost a lot of money. You can directly contact the crematory regarding the cremation instead of contacting the funeral home. Direct cremation is laying the body to rest without a funeral service soon after the death.

The Special Features of Direct Cremation

Direct cremation does not involve any pre-funeral services or a formal funeral in the traditional way. After the death the body is directly cremated using the services of the crematory without using the funeral home which can help the family save a lot of money. When you decide on cremation there is no expensive casket but a simple container.

Since direct cremation is done soon after death there is no wake viewing or visitation so there is no need to embalm the body or go through other formalities to preserve the body. Direct cremation is the simplest way without arranging for funeral service or a casket that is expensive.

A memorial service can he held on a later date if you feel you should have a formal service. If you opt for a service before cremation it is a traditional funeral service with cremation and not direct cremation.

How to Arrange Direct Cremation?

In most of the cases of direct cremation the crematory staff will be able to handle all the formalities of cremation including giving a death certificate and taking the body for the cremation at a nominal fee. The crematory also charges a fraction of the price charged by the funeral home.

Family of the dead person who want to give the dead person a good cremation can arrange to have direct cremation with a funeral home that will get the death certificate ready and will take the body to the crematory for a small fee beside the service charges for the services provided.

You can go online to find the crematory or funeral home that will have the services for your relation who is dead.

The Cost of Home Cremation

The staff at the funeral home will help the family of the dead to have a memorable service in his honor. They can have a service of their choice whether it is simple or elaborate, unique or traditional. No matter how the service is carried out it is the first step for the family to recover from the loss of their loved one.

During this time of loss there are a lot of decisions to be made and the family members will try to do their best for the loved one. Cremation is a good way to lay the loved one to rest and the staff at the funeral home has wide experience to assist and comfort the family through this difficult process.

It is best to check with different funeral homes for the rates before you hire one that offers everything at a lower cost.

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