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Russia’s past dominated states, in comparison to current international borders.

Throughout the development of the Soviet Union, Russia, the dominant leader of the USSR, held many republics in their control. Over time this alliance created dependencies upon Russian natural gas and resources, during their alliance. Following the descent of Russian leadership, the dependence upon Russian resources. Resources such as their past oil and coal exports. In recent years their increase in natural gas production has gained the public interest of the newly established democratic ideologies of the Baltic Region. The European Union has increased support of some Baltic States. Creating an increase in the want for clean resources like natural gas, which Russia hold in mass. Countries in the Baltic Region and Eastern Europe have become somewhat reliant upon these resources, decades after the succession of the Cold War, when the USSR fell. The result of the disengagement between Westernized domination and Russia is an increase in clean energy. Russia; however, has remained in the Baltic Region for years, throughout the controversial disagreements with the EU. …

Conner O'Brien

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