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Let’s tackles the controversial topic of vaccines and autism. I suggest there are things parents should know about their child before making a decision and why most doctors don’t know this. This could be one reason why some kids get autism and some don’t and why vaccines could be behind the condition!

The Theory Behind Vaccines is Brilliant

I’m not a big fan of vaccines, but if you look at the theory of vaccines, the purpose is to give a person a small dose of the disease (e.g. measles) so that (going back to the immune system) it stimulates it stimulates a Th-1 response to help. It’s trying to kill the measles. BUT, you have to have enough of a dose that the person’s body can’t kill it, so it will stimulate a Th-2 response. That’s the B-cell response that will make antibodies. That’s why a person that’s vaccinated isn’t necessarily immunized. In immunization, that person has circulating antibodies against the thing that you vaccinated against. If I could measure the measles antibodies in my blood a month after I got vaccinated, then it worked, right? The problem is how do I know what dosage to give this person that’s going to stimulate a Th-1 and a Th-2 respons so antibodies are made against that thing? Well you can’t even dose based upon weight. It’s totally based upon that person’s immune response, which is going to be individual. …


Dr. Kevin Conners - Conners Clinic

Functional Medicine practitioner at an alternative cancer treatment clinic just outside St Paul, MN. No natural cancer cures; we only treat causes of disease.

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