Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

Dear Amanda,

You touched the depths of my soul. The election of Donald Trump sickened me and I still hold out hope that the Electoral College will save us from enduring a Trump Presidency. What does the election of an unqualified, unethical, dishonest, bigoted, misogynistic hate monger say about the citizens of our country? My only solace is that Hillary did get over a million more votes, but she should have crushed him!

I consider all of it (including anti-LGBT, misogyny, xenophobia) to fall under the bigotry umbrella and I feel like religion is a big contributing factor. I know that the pastors is this area of Ohio encouraged their congregations to vote for Trump. I have always been considered by my extremely religious family to be “different” and it was made clear that being myself was unacceptable to them. I’m a straight, white, atheist female who has always been sensitive and kind. I’m appalled that people are arrogant enough to think that others are beneath them because they have the courage to live their truth. I learned to stuff my feelings at five years of age because my Mother told me that it hurt her to see me cry and she couldn’t take it. I also remained a closeted atheist until after my parents died, in order to avoid hurting them, but I am considered by my family to be selfish and difficult (too passionate about my opinions).

I have one true regret in life and it is that I did not stand up for myself and my beliefs. All my serious mistakes could have been avoided by this one course correction. My first step in changing was to end my relationship with my oldest sister a little over a year ago. It was difficult and very painful although overdo and necessary for my survival. I intend to continue moving toward healing and living a more authentic life. I’m inspired by your bravery. My son and his wife are moving to the Portland area in the Spring and I will follow them. I look forward to leaving this backward, hypocritical, bible belt area behind.

Keep being you Amanda. You are a beautiful shining star and the world could use a billion more like you!


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