This article gives an overview of memory management and memory leaks on Android. It takes you through a breakdown of memory on Android, as well as explaining how memory leaks occur and how to detect leaks using the Memory Profiler and the LeakCanary library. Finally, it addresses how you can avoid leaks in the future.

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Memory Management on Android

Let’s start with looking at the breakdown of memory on Android. Memory on Android is made up of three types:

RAM is used to temporarily store information whilst running an application. This includes both information from the app currently running and apps running in the…

This series of articles follows as a result of mine and Matt Carron’s talk ‘Three approaches to animations on Android’ at the CodeMobile Developer Conference 2019, where we evaluate three approaches to animations including the Android framework, Video and Airbnb’s Lottie library.

The Github repository with all the examples from this series can be found here. The Lottie animation used in this tutorial is by LottieFiles and can be found here.

This series of articles follows as a result of mine and Matt Carron’s talk ‘Three approaches to animations on Android’ at the CodeMobile Developer Conference 2019, where we evaluate three approaches to animations including the Android framework, Video and Airbnb’s Lottie library.

Mobile Team Innovation Day — Jan ‘18

By Connie & Magnus


As two software engineers at we have the privilege to spend one day a month taking part in what we call a team Innovation Day. So what does this mean? This means we have a whole day dedicated to exploring a new area within programming with the goal of delivering an MVP by the end of the day. We can choose to work individually or in teams and it doesn’t even have to be work related! Pretty awesome, right?

The innovations so far have involved everything from machine learning to building Alexa skills, but…

Lightning Talk @Droidcon London 2017


The ConstraintLayout was launched at Google I/O in 2016 and introduced a number of new layout concepts including a flat view hierarchy. Compare to legacy layouts, the ConstraintLayout has shown some key benefits such as ease of use, flexibility and improved layout performance.

Despite this, many applications have not yet migrated from legacy layouts to ConstraintLayout. In this article I will demonstrate the step-by-step process of migrating a number of legacy layouts toConstraintLayout, highlighting some benefits and key lessons to take away.


When migrating to the ConstraintLayout, I am making the following assumptions:

  • Visual standpoint: From a visual…

From the transition to challenges, successes and learnings


Eight months ago I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion for coding. Today, I have officially completed my first four weeks as a Junior Software Engineer at; and what a journey it’s been!

From a practical context, this transition involved leaving my job, completing the Makers Academy web development course and being offered a role at From an emotional viewpoint, it involved building my confidence, taking a risk and most importantly — trusting my intuition. A life-changing decision which you can read more about here. So how have my first four weeks in the…

5 Tips on Managing Code-Life Balance

After completing Makers Academy, an intensive 12-week, 7 days a week web development course in East London, a lot of people have asked me how I found the intensity of the course and how it affected my health and wellbeing. Coding was of course the main part of my course but when I wasn’t coding, I was researching, watching tutorials, blogging or attending tech events. During the course I had one day off and that was my birthday. Pretty intense, especially for someone who values a healthy lifestyle and work life balance.

Despite the intensity, since graduating I keep finding…

Makers Week 9


Another week at Makers is completed and it’s safe to say it’s been one of the most challenging so far. The main focus at Makers Academy is to teach us to develop a growth mindset and become fast learners, but I didn’t appreciate quite how exhausting that can be at times.

It was Practice Project Week, which is a practice round in preparation for our final projects. The challenge was to pick a topic you know nothing about on Monday, throw yourself into the unknown and by learning fast, produce a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) by Friday to present…

Makers Week 8

Since starting at Makers Academy two months ago, I’ve been introduced to new languages, frameworks and fascinating technologies on a daily basis. But despite that, this week really stood out from the others. It was the week that I was finally introduced to Ruby on Rails, the web application framework I’ve wanted to get my teeth into for so long!

And why is that? Because since I began my friendship with Ruby in June 2016, everyone around me seemed to know this friend as Ruby on Rails. Every time when I mentioned Ruby, introduced someone to Ruby or wrote about…

Makers Week 7

Another week has gone at Makers Academy and this week we learned more JavaScript, with focus on writing our own testing frameworks and API implementation. Seeing as I have really enjoyed learning JavaScript, I was super excited, but also had a feeling things were about to get harder and more complicated. I was right about that, but little did I know that one of the hardest weeks would also become the most fun week at Makers so far. So where did it all start?

We had a choice whether we wanted to work in pairs or groups this week, and…

Connie Reinholdsson

Android Developer at Deliveroo. London, UK

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