The world of SQL, CRUD and endless spelling mistakes

This week at Maker’s Academy, we’re working on Databases, WHEEEY! This sounded a bit dry at first, but it’s actually been very interesting so far! I’ve learnt more about the server, namely web servers, application engines and of course databases. It looks a bit like this:

Or like this..

The main concepts we’ve learnt so far is how to set up a relational database from the terminal, using CRUD, SQL and connecting our database to Ruby.

So what is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is pronounced “sequel”, which was definitely not the pronunciation I went for at first.. SQL (“sequel”) is the most common language used to communicate with modern databases. Cool.

And what is CRUD? CRUD is concept / model used to handle entries in the database and stands for: 
C: Create new entries in our database.
R: Read
the entries or specific entries in our database.
U: Update
entries in our database, e.g. changing a name.
D: Delete
entries or in our case ‘student.destroy’.

This all seemed pretty straightforward, until we tried to connect our database to Ruby… And for reasons which I cannot explain, my pair partner and I have got stuck three times today and gone through countless reinstalls, bundler and checks.. until we’ve realised the first, second AND third time that it was a spelling mistake!

Unbelievable. Luckily, we found it equally hilarious each time and had a great day pairing!

And that’s all for me today! Please note that this is day 2 and if you don’t hear from me by the end of this week, it probably means it got a lot harder..

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