The life and death of the daughter of a mafia boss: Maria Concetta Cacciola

“… the poisonous liquid would have burnt her mouth at the first touch. It would then run like an aggressive rampaging river down her throat, along her oesophagus, eventually reaching her stomach. Every drop set her body afire from the inside. She would eventually stop convulsing, her organs would shut down, her heart would give up and she would die.”

In November 2014, I travelled to Calabria for the first time. That was when I first heard about the daughter of a powerful mafia boss named Maria Concetta Cacciola. She died after swallowing acid. I’ve made more than a dozen trips since 2014.

It’s been a long road, but you can finally hear Maria Concetta Cacciola in her own words through phone intercepts and the story of her life, and eventual death, on Correspondent’s Report (audio below).

Thank you firstly to Francesco and Anna for your translation, Dr Giuseppe Creazzo for sharing Maria Concetta’s story with me on several occasions, the Carabineri and other anti-mafia prosecutors for your help in gathering resources to tell these story. Also, to everyone in Italy who has supported and helped me bring my work to fruition.

Thank you Elizabeth Jackson for commisioning the documentary, and Ed Roy, Imogen Brennan, Penny Timms, Yasmin Parry, my mum and niece for lending your voices.

The first in a series on women in the mafia. Listen below:

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