Fashion’s Underground Show in Brooklyn

Photo: Raymond Hagan Designer: Krystel Markos

New York City isn’t just known as the city of all things cool and coveted but also home to New York Fashion Week. The event that brings out the glam, ostentatiously fab, celebs, press, and buyers who scrutinize over styles that will rock next season’s fashion scene.

This year’s show brings about a new trend, where well name designers such as Alexander Wang and Marchesa are bowing out. Wang is taking his show into Brooklyn, the birthplace of funky underground trends. Is he onto something?

Today Brooklyn is the home to hipsters, trendsetters, fancy coffee shops, and much more. But after doing some digging, I found that there’s an underground Fashion Show that’s been around for 12 years. Fashion Week Brooklyn, the home to emerging global talents from designers to stylists and models. All who are untapped in the mainstream market. This platform actually doesn’t just serve the Brooklyn market but designers from all over the world showcase their newest designs here.

After doing a little digging I found out that last year FWBK actually did a fashion presentation right on the steps of the Brooklyn Borough Hall president’s office, with full lights, photographers, music, and the works. The week-long event not only included fashion, but also Fashion and Food along with speaking panels.

Last year’s iconic panel was titled, “Age in Fashion,” where the entire panel was made up of 50+ year-old models from men to women. These models were from all parts of the world and were also influencers. The conversation challenged the paradigm of whether modeling after 25 was considered too old to model.

In the name of being a true New York City skeptic, I had to see for myself what kind of designers were part of this show. Amazingly enough, I understood why this show is THE place for emerging talents. Some of the designers I found were Krystel Markos, Faheemah Safa, Couture Masks, Kromagnon, and more.

It looks like this years show is themed, “Haute Brooklyn” and slated for Apr. 8–14 at The Brooklyn Expo Center. I will definitely be checking them out this year.