Why We Lose

Pro Choice is not an effective rebuttal to the Pro Life movement. It’s what is making us lose everywhere. Our candidates lose because they can’t capture white rural women voters. As long as conservative women march to the poles we will lose. Our candidates lose because we (progressive women) have not given them the tools they need to win. We’ve done the exact opposite. We’ve given them a tool guaranteed to lose. Unless we admit that the Pro Choice spin is not working, and create an effective rebuttal to Pro Life, we will never win.

Don’t for one second think I’m saying that women shouldn’t have choices. Far from it. I’m saying we need to stop losing in order to keep our autonomy over our bodies. I’m saying the pro choice “spin” is a disastrous strategy.

The good news is that “Pro Life” is actually dumber than Pro Choice. It’s hypocritical. We all know it has nothing whatsoever to do with life. It’s all about criminalizing abortion and punishing women. We are really lucky that the creators of the Pro Life movement tried to put a politically correct spin on their punishment issue and gave it such a stupid name. Putting a more stupid name on our rebuttal does not help our case. If we are smart we can turn this around and take back our country.

Here’s an example… Imagine if a Democrat candidate could have stood up and said:

“I am your anti abortion candidate. By that I mean that I will fund Planned Parenthood to insure that young couples have access to the family planning they need so that an abortion is never necessary. And to be clear… I am not talking about criminalization! Keep the Feds out of it! The last thing we want is the Federal Government down in our neighborhoods arresting our daughters and sisters. No! Let’s stop abortion before it ever happens. Let’s work like crazy to reduce it to nothing more than a rare medical procedure to save a woman’s life.

I am big on a balanced budget and against overspending. But I will spend every penny possible to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I will fund the most progressive research into birth control until we find safe and effective ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I will analyze and implement every successful program, from anywhere in the world, that is making young girl’s lives powerful to the point where unwanted pregnancies do not happen.

And I won’t stop there. I will make having a baby a wonderful choice for young women AND for young fathers as well. It’s about time we asked the richest amongst us to pitch in and pay their fair share. Let’s get them to pitch in those dollars necessary to make our communities wonderful havens for young families. We can have the best day care centers, the best preschool educations, the best schools. Let’s find ways for all young mothers to stay home with a new infant and love and bond with that child. Let’s fill our cities and towns with affordable, clean housing, and prosperous jobs. Let’s celebrate our children again!

I pledge to spend our collective wealth on things that really matter. Like programs to help young men thrive in their communities. Let’s teach respect and consent. Let’s end the rape culture that is a plague in our schools. Let’s give young men the tools they need to be attractive boyfriends, nurturing fathers, and participants in their communities. Let’s teach them to love.

And while we are at it, let’s tackle the drug crises that is destroying families and neighborhoods. Let’s be proud and free. We don’t need laws making more criminals. We need to stand up as human beings and protect young women, save them from awful choices. Let’s make raising a child a true blessing. I am your anti abortion candidate because I am going to actually DO something about this mess. No more yelling at each other and marching in the streets. Let’s unite for a common cause that makes each of us better human beings, that makes our communities safe and prosperous, that makes us a shining example for the world.”

See… that would work.

Unless we tackle abortion straight on we will never win. Abortion is the pivot issue. It’s a brilliant political manipulation. Did you know that the Republican party doesn’t really care about abortion at all? This is just an issue that market tested positively for them and allowed them to capture and keep huge areas of population. The “Pro Choice” rebuttal fed right into their brainwashing scheme.

White rural woman are totally, 100%, brainwashed on this issue. They will throw themselves on their spears and die because of it. People are always asking why white women vote against their own best interest… this is why.

Huge amounts of money have been spent showing these women videos of fetuses crying for their mommy as they get ripped from the womb, panting in an agonizing death as the heartless doctors look on. You will never get them to “un-see” those videos. This gives them their moral power. Everything else pivots off this issue. They have scientific studies proving that fetuses can think and feel. And they’ve re-written the bible to say that life begins at conception rather than at first breath.

Conservative women see liberals and Democrats as baby killers. They live in a world of good and evil. Abortion is clearly evil. Anyone who supports abortion is clearly evil. And evil is one hundred percent a bad thing. So that means that everything else liberals want is also evil. Because liberals themselves are evil every single one of our policies are evil.

They believe that Dems want to destroy the country… because that’s what evil people do. They believe that we are not Patriots. They believe that because one liberal shot at a congressmen with a gun that proves that all liberals are evil. Liberals want to take away their guns. Liberals want to let murderers and rapists into the country. It goes on and on.

Every single one of these beliefs pivots off the abortion issue. Every single one of them.

Pro Life is the dumbest rebuttal ever invented. All they hear is evil women screaming in the streets and demanding their right to kill babies if they want to. Every single thing that the Pro Life movement does feeds into the brainwashed frenzy of the rural white woman.

If we want to win we have to change.

If we want to win we have to change.