On Immigration, Bernie Sanders is Not Who He Says He Is.
Dolores Huerta

Saddens me to read this post, as Latina women (South America. Bolivia) by any means; its quite disenchanting to read something like this coming someone who’s seen as a hero not only by the Latino community but Americans as whole. To trash a life of hard-work and dedication to good causes in the name of a candidate who does not inspire trust or love. While its true we all free to choose a side and fight for it is always good we also need to back our words with facts not half-truths and whole lies.

I wholeheartedly hope you have sold your ideals, dreams and lucha for something you believe to the establishment.
I've already voted for Sanders not clinton and whats more I would not vote for her even if she is the nominee because I’ll not sell or give away my integrity, values and dreams nor vote for the lesser of evils.

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