“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

So, my dream since I was 7, was to study and live in France. 
Last year I was accepted at ENSAS, after one year of studying architecture in my hometown.
I always thought that having a routine is like a path of a zombie, so through all these big changes in my life, all these ups and downs, I was consumed spiritually and emotionally by all the people that were careless about how I feel and how hard is to adapt yourself in another country. 
France has a wonderful culture and savoir-vivre lifestyle, that I will continue to adore and to learn from. 
With all these refugees and and stereotypes, I felt discriminated as a stranger. 
 So this fact destroyed my ability to feel good about myself. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t sleep, eat or even talk about trivial things without getting angry or anxious about it.

Even if I am surrounded by nice people that work hard on their dreams, like most of us, I tend to fall into a depressive state, that leads to procrastination and inactivity. I think this happens because deep inside I feel empty without my family, close friends and usual surroundings.
Living in a small studio, also leads to anxiety. So, I decided to go everyday, even if I am on a low battery mode, to go for a walk.
Observing the architecture, the nature, going to the theater/museums or a movie and listening to the outdoor world is helping me fighting “the anxious me”.
Nobody wants to listen to a negative story about how you’re feeling. Most of the time people are in a hurry and tend to misjudge what you show.

So, I decided to stop. To take a break.
We are all different and the same at some point.
The important thing about feeling good about yourself is not to look in the mirror and enjoy how beautiful you are, but to do things that you feel good about.
It is important to surround yourself with what is likely to feel good about.

Travelling always helps.
I know it’s hard to remain positive or to have the power to ignore the moments when you depend on something/someone.

So the secret remains in expressions. In how you tend to express yourself: in your work, walk, attitude, conversation, passions…

Peace and gratitude