Donald Trump is not a narcissist…and neither was Narcissus

Narcissus was a character in Greek mythology who fell in love with his image reflected back to him in a river. In today’s world, no one is loitering by pools of water unless they’re trying to discard or recover severed body parts. Modern day pools are fabricated, grandiose and more accommodating to the 21st century narcissist. Equipped with provisional constructs that allow us to position, light, shade, copy paste and stage any image we want, Instagram and Snapchat are manna from Heaven for the modern day self aggrandizer. The lens of the camera is no longer a tool that refracts an image back to us as it is, but a scalpel with which we manufacture the image we like. Initially, one could say Narcissus, in addition to being the O.G narcissist, was also a half wit, cause how did he not know it was himself looking back at him? However upon closer inspection, maybe it’s because he was so devoid of self consciousness that it was the purest love of all.

Perusing all social media it would be safe to surmise that low self esteem is really suffering a crisis of, well, low self esteem if you will; that self love seems to have reached a zenith, but it’s nothing to do with loving ourselves and even less to do with knowing ourselves, those things take a hell of a lot longer than the three hours it took you to choose the filters that best match your foundation. Our insecurities and anxieties keep score while we try to blow life into the contrived being in our head.

It’s important to note however that when Narcissus realized he had fallen in love with his image and the love could never be reciprocated, he committed suicide, which is essentially what we do when we corral a team of 12 to take a pic and tag it #WokeUpLikeThis. We essentially murder who we are in favor of who we feel we need or want to be.

I love you…I mean me…

But the spectrum between the ersatz and the authentic is long and wide and perhaps we’re not all ancient Greek mythological drama queens (we did invent drama after all…and democracy, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, theater, the Olympics, and sex, although the close minded will insist that the Romans added women to the mix. Big deal, we were gender fluid before the millenials coined the phrase; it was the norm for the ancient Greeks they didn’t need a phrase) — but I digress.

Realizing his love would be futile pained Narcissus so much he committed suicide. Didn’t Narcissus’ final act of killing himself because the love of his beloved self would always remain unrequited, render him the most principled, self aware romantic ever? And anything but a narcissist? We laud Romeo and Juliet as the epitome of tragic romance, but at least they had each other for a brief spell, poor Narcy would never get the chance to embrace his amore. Although the term gets bandied about loosely, it’s a huge misnomer, narcissists rarely kill themselves. The people we label narcissists don’t crave love, they crave incessant, unceasing attention and our outrage/disgust/disbelief becomes the unwitting host to their parasitism.

Here’s another reason Trump isn’t a narcissist. There are two categories of narcissism, the cerebral narcissist who uses his intelligence, intellect and knowledge to gain narcissistic supply —ummm.. nope not that one, and a somatic narcissist who uses his body, looks and his sexuality- Jesus, Mary J. Blige and Joseph no!
Does this lipstick make me look like a bigot?

So I propose two things; firstly, narcissism has to be renamed after someone more aptly suited; I’m not sure that’s a pressing issue for the DSM IV but I’m throwing the ball in their court, and two, until Donald Trump has the good goddam grace and self respect to kill himself, he’s not a narcissist, he’s his worst nightmare, a loser. A yuuuge, lady fingered, broke loser. This is my line in the sand, either Trump offs himself or we change the name of the disorder. And while they’re at it they can clear poor Oedipus’ name too, that poor motherfucker.