22 Daily Cups of Success Tips for Smart-Wise Entrepreneurs and Investors

This article is not the regular kind of tippy tip content, but speaks of the most prominent matters with respect to the article subject. The first half of this ‘read’ talks about my own high-held opinions and entrepreneurial phenomenal practices which anyone can live up with and become great success in their lives and businesses; and the second part of this article brings in 9 World Class Everyday Entrepreneur with their ultimate success secrets & patterns in entrepreneurship. Read, Meditate, Implement and Comment (If you have some peculiar tips, I would be glad to add to this list).

The popular saying goes that 3 people dominate the world; the first sets simply watch the happenings of life, another set simply wonder at the happenings, and the last set simply make things HAPPEN!

As goal getters, the last categories of people that make things happen are the Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are truly change agents, and a set of die-hard folks who don’t wait for things to go different but rather they are the ‘DIFFERENCE’ themselves.

Entrepreneurs are actual game changers because they are folks who always think ahead successfully pushing themselves all the time to do & be better.

They don’t really care about competition in their niche since they understand there is enough level playing ground for everyone — thus they are much more concerned about making their industry better.

VERY importantly; anyone can be an entrepreneur whether as a career man, mom, government worker, aviation pilot, teacher, musician, fashion designer, blogger, speaker, author, etc. A teacher who is an author can write an award winning college course book that will sell for centuries; an aviation pilot can sell some aircrafts or metals; a mom can retail goods & services to other moms, and the list is endless. If you are not yet in business for yourself to count yourself as an entrepreneur — now is the ultimate time to do so, and it requires no educational qualification or subscription fee to start, as it is entirely free and yours to explore.

Below are 22 traits and action tips to becoming a highly successful, enterprising and wealthy entrepreneur, it is so easy I refer to these as cups of tea.

Follow through these cups of tea and you will be on your track to developing the leadership qualities and necessities to conquer your niche or industry:

  • Real Entrepreneurs never give up — They understand Morphy’s law that states anything is capable of going wrong, hence they are always ready to bounce back when there is a challenge. When things go wrong, reflect on what must have happened, figure things out and work things out.
  • Failing is part of the game — You don’t have to be afraid of failure. Even the fortune 500 Companies you admire failed sometime in their early days and till date they fail consistently on product test, idea conceptualizations, etc. The solution is to rinse and keep at it until you hit it right. I am a pilot by profession and I have failed many times in my lifetime but every time it occurs, I push more until I get a YES. At one time, I spent 3 years writing a bestseller book in my niche but for 7 months I got 88 NO-s out of 89 prospects for getting a publisher to accept my manuscript. It was the 89th publisher that said the BIG YES and today it is history. You may like to know what I do as a successful Entrepreneur, yet a Pilot by getting one of my books ‘Pilot Investment Hit Plan’ for FREE here
  • Entrepreneurs are never scared to try something new. As a teacher, you may be nursing the idea to become another Anthony Robbins — the famous public speaker but fear keeps you restricted. Stop that fear today and take the courses, meet the right people and get counseling from a mentor in that field to do what you have to do. It takes going for what you want no matter what, even if your heart is pounding with doubts; just GO for IT.
  • Successful Entrepreneurs adhere to strict self-discipline — In this regard, the entrepreneur has enough stamina and self-will to delay instant gratifications. And they are ready to work real hard and smart to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs work anytime and any day with no clock restriction. They function early hours of the day, midday and at late midnights just to ensure all is well taken care of. Self-Discipline is an entrepreneurs 4th cup of tea!
  • Sleep well — Entrepreneurs can’t deprive themselves of this essential God’s gift of nature. Even God does take good rest though HE has to attend to billions of humans and angels on a daily basis. One of my friends burning with passion to see her business cross to other limits went overboard, and in the process she lost it — over working herself, and collapsed one night out of severe exhaustion from lack of sufficient rest/sleep. That would have been worse if she didn’t wake up 2 days later at the hospital because she hit her head so hard on a sharp stone during the fall with pool of blood flowing. Getting the right amount of sleep your body needs, will energize you and charge you up to work better, and face challenges with clear focus.
  • Entrepreneurs Give — To succeed as an entrepreneur, learn to give your time, resources, share & learn with others and give to the needy and your immediate community. It has a way of paying you back in many more folds.
  • Think Global — To succeed beyond limits, think on going global and this is much easier today as a professionally designed website or social media presence can dynamically help to portray your brand & business to the global marketplace.
  • Finance or seed capital is not a barrier — A passionate entrepreneur cannot lose the big dream because the banks refused him or her some money for loan. Try raising funds for the business by discussing with family and friends (kill the ego here — we all have it), try out some SBA-backed lenders, and even talk to a vendor of the goods/services you want to deal with them that you don’t have upfront cash but passionate about opening a line of credit with them to buy raw materials for your product, and out of 5, you may get a 3 YES-s, or at least 1 Yes, which is enough to get your business going. In my early days, this approach worked well for me and is still working.
  • You won’t live forever so for the little time if much 120 years of age — you must make it truly count by doing everything even in its most trivial nature to get to the point you truly envision for your business.
  • Never assume you know too much already or you are the smartest in the game, as you must keep exploring, learning, adventuring and benchmarking your competition ground so you could surpass them effortlessly.
  • To succeed as an entrepreneur — you must embrace networking i.e. connecting with new people and making relevant relationships that will help you and your business to grow fast and efficient. This is what 100 out 0f 100 successful entrepreneurs do well and never compromised.
  • Never be shy to ask for help — Ask, Ask and Ask is one that I have learned to keep doing when I need it and it has helped me to grow much in lifestyle, relationships, businesses and sales. And you want to know the truth — People really love to HELP!
  • Theme your working days such like every morning you could dedicate on your product line, middle of the day on sales & marketing and close to the end of working hours to other stuffs like evaluating the day, the overall management, etc.. Such theme as is related to your industry when distributed and followed thoroughly throughout the weekdays Monday through Friday and maybe weekends will help you to achieve so much more than when there are no detailed plans.

And in the next part, you read about the most guarded principles of succeeding as entrepreneurs by 9 top industrialists you can emulate and breakthrough on daily basis from now on!

  • Bill Gates says he is the billionaire he is today because he loves unhappy customers — To him, when you understand what makes your customer an unhappy customer, you would have learned what could have gone or may go wrong and will be best equipped not to make the same mistake twice. To Mr. Gates, it is great to love success, but most essentially is pay heed to the lessons of failure
  • Oprah Winfrey says we should learn how to slow down, and keep aside the hectic sides of life such as the overwhelming issues like running in and out of meetings, taking care of projects and insane inboxes; and learn to smell the roses. You can succeed fast as a woman following Oprah at oprah.com
  • Kevin O’Leary says true pointer for success as an entrepreneur is to leverage the strengths of others i.e. pairing with folks whose strengths compensate for your weaknesses.
  • CEO of Starbucks, Howard Shulz, says to surround yourself only with folks who share the same values as you, as this is a very essential pointer for business success. And he tops it up saying if you find folks who don’t share your values, it’s best to part ways.
  • Serena Williams says there is no such thing as LUCK in her book of success as tenacity does it all. This is a lady that had a rough childhood and in her neighborhood where someone is shooting every other hour, she stayed shooting at tennis — and that’s tenacity — and concentration. And this has made her one of the world’s best tennis players with a Net Worth of $140 Million.
  • Martha Stewart says to ‘Never settle with complacency’ — Even with her 2 awesome jobs when she started out, a modeling career and as a stockbroker, she PUSHED herself beyond those successes and today — she is a well admired and respected household name and brand with a net worth of over $600 million. So keep pushing even after you start seeing success! Martha can be seen more and connected at marthastewart.com
  • Ingvar Kamprad the CEO of IKEA says ‘Never, ever, waste resources as to him this is the worst unforgivable sin any entrepreneur could commit. He says a 10 minutes wasted isn’t just equated to 1/6 of an hourly pay BUT the 10 minutes equals the person himself. In essence — TIME is the ultimate non-negotiable resource and once it’s wasted, it’s difficult to get it back. His respect for this makes him a Net Worth of $3.5 Billion. I value this much, my Time and other peoples Time!
  • Chris Brogan — This internet famous entrepreneur loves to help businesses and corporations grow and he does it well supporting small businesses like mine and those of FORTUNE 100 clients. This is a man I admire so much and follow his entrepreneurial tips for success as they both apply for online and offline businesses. He loves working with professionals like you to own your choices, own your life and own your future and is the owner of — Owner Media Group. He is a maverick public speaker and a New York Times bestselling author of 8 books and counting; with the super book “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” available at Amazon. Chris says for entrepreneurs to succeed BIG, they must be excellent sales people. His entrepreneur secret for development and growth — is genuinely HELP enough other people, and you will attract a huge audience, reach and community you could ever want. If you want to succeed faster than you can imagine as an entrepreneur — then follow Chris at chrisbrogan.com
  • Brian Dean — This awesome dude is the founder of Backlinko and dominates the SEO and link building marketplace with ideas running against the norms. He is one in a million and he breaks the records with regards to pulling traffic and clients to businesses in a non-conventional yet inexpensive and easy way. His SEO training website backlinko.com is helping various entrepreneurs grow in sales, leads and profits. Backlinko was ranked by Technorati as one of the top 50 small business blogs online. His entrepreneur secret tip is that businesses online should provide the essential information that other digital marketers need to be successful in a very concise detailed manner and then do thorough link building with content promotion. Brian says it is good to keep trying stuffs and failing and messing up and learning lessons. And when you get the winning formula, apply to WIN! He says once you build SEO for your business with his highly sought after tips at his website, your business ranks up and pays dividends for years. This has saved several thousands of businesses worldwide.

These are the 22 entrepreneurial cups of tea for every day success I could come up with now; and if you love it, please share with others as it can help motivate and waken the sleeping giants in several entrepreneurs out there.

You can add to this by commenting and I will gladly publish it!

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