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I think this is interesting but I would argue this is a great resolution for everyone involved, considering the history. Looking at his set backs and career thus far its of course going to beg questions of what if, but that aside I think this is the most optimistic ive felt for Wilshere in a long while.

Yes Bournemouth are minnows comparatively to Arsenal, but that aside they are by far the best for loan for Wilshere. Their pace and offensive heavy system I think is perfect in helping Wilshere develop more comfort in a commanding pendulum position again. Yes their scale is maybe incomparable to any other team objectively, but Howe is no joke and this is a giant que for his tinkering abilities as much as what it means for what Wilshere will be allowed to do. Callum Wilson is finisher flat out, poised for a breakout post last years injury, the transfer window offered some real upscale offensive talent in other areas. Yes they might relegated but it wont be because of their offense.

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