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On some level, Smith is a tough player to evaluate because you aren’t able to find much assurance despite being the player he is now, or a better version of, in being a successful pro. The floor is unknown as he doesn’t have secondary skills, objective size or positional versatility to fall back on, unlike some other prospects. The case though that he has demonstrated primary initiating skills and deserves the flyer to have the level of usage he will demand to be a plus NBA player is exceptionally stronger than most prospects as one dimensional as him. Personally ive tried nitpicking looking for a tell all hole but found it not much of a worthy exercise. I don't think we will know much more until he is a pro. We are simply weighing the cost of the risk for that opportunity or potential outcome.

Personally he is comfortably over Fox as both are reliant to some extent on being primary initiators. Smith because of size and ISO tendancies and Fox because a lack of being a plus offball threat. In that regard I trust more Smiths ceiling and body of work in being able to be that player and can find more precedence in his skillsets. Yes, Defensive flaws are concerning but personally Fox’s prowess on that end I find slightly overrated. After all it is doubtful how postionally versatile he is considering his length and size in being able to cross match assignments. And if thats not possible a good point guard defender is only so valuable.

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