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Have you ever opened your computer and started typing your password just to see a major lag in what you’re typing? This lag happens when the computer processor wakes up and realizes it needs to start grabbing data from the mini processor in the keyboard. But how is this information stored if there’s just a tiny bit of space in the keyboard’s memory?

This is where the circular buffer comes in.

The circular buffer is a certain type of queue. Now if you’re not familiar with a queue, you might know it as a line. (Like when you’re waiting in…

Erik and I had never talked before this project. we met, and he presented me an idea he had for an app. I quickly offered some of my ideas to make a couple of changes. Erik was very receptive and immediately said that we should implement the suggested changes.

This was a great first interaction. Erik didn’t shut my ideas down and say something along the lines of “Well, I have this vision for my app”. He listened and thought about other perspectives.

It’s important to be open minded and respectful when building team chemistry, and just being a pleasant…

Connor Oswold

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