My Year in Review

I know, I know, this is a week (and a half) late, but when you’re taking your first inter-semester break from school it is borderline wonderful to miss a deadline by a week. There are years where you physically grow, but 2015 was a year I grew most as a person. It was the year where not only did I realize I’m less than six months from full on ‘adulting,’ it was the year high school finally ended.

The year started with an esteemed Schultz tradition, working at Applebee’s in Garden City for four months. The one thing serving will teach you is how to talk to people from all walks of life, and how to apologize when you forget to ring in an order after 15 minutes. It also opened my eyes to what the alternative was if I didn’t stay in school.

As the sun ended its disappearing act, my final high school golf season rolled around. At the same time our high school newspaper was in the news (something no publication wants) for a movie review on ’50 Shades of Gray.’ In hindsight, the language in my biting editorial could have been toned down, but I still stand by those words today. Mr. Moser is still the best teacher I’ve ever had in the public school system.

Golf ended unceremoniously for our team, we finished 5th by just seven strokes in the 6A state tournament at a kiddie golf course (Sorry Mac). Taylor Larsen finished third, while Logan Durst and Daniel Gaspar showed some skills. Even though Daniel moved, this team still has something to prove. Trust me, they’re going to be pretty damn good.

The summer was great, golfing every day and working upstairs at Southwind was tough to beat. No complaints there.

Yet there was one nagging thing I kept constantly putting off, my college decision. My friends had all made their decisions, some predictable, some head-scratchers, except for me. I was stuck at a fork in a $100,000+ road. I could go to a private college in Chicago, Illinois, spend (and freeze) my ass off, and leverage loans to the max, or I could stay at the junior college, continue writing, and continue to golf.

I made the right decision.

College is all about finding your fit, you have your whole life to pay off loans, but you can’t allow them to crush you your whole life. I was naïve to think the money didn’t matter, it does matter. Trust me.

Luckily for me, Garden City Community College has a great journalism program run by Laura Guy. Attending GC3 also allowed me to stay close to family for another year, and to play golf in the best city to play golf in year-round in Kansas.

If high school was a coast, the free ride was over. College will wake you up faster than smelling salts after getting knocked down… from your first month of college.

Juggling golf, school, and the newsroom was difficult.

The fall months in the past were spent in the friendly confines of Eastern Kansas, watching my brothers play football for Ottawa University. I decided to forge my own path.

The fall months allowed me to play golf in Texas and New Mexico, watch my cousin get married in Montana and follow the transitional year of a junior college volleyball program.

The winter saw things slow down, with finals preparation and new golf clubs arriving.

My one regret was not studying for finals more, but I’ve never been much of a studier. As a life-long Royals fan, I know there’s always next year.

Now that the way too long summary is over, here’s some advice.(?)

Find success in your daily routine. Want to lose a few pounds? Insert it into your daily routine. Want to eat healthier? Stop going out to eat as part of a weekly routine. Tired of struggling in classes? Make studying a bigger part of your daily routine.

This past month has opened my eyes to the beauty of the daily routine.

I cannot wait to start the daily routine again on Monday when classes start.
I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store, between elections at the state and federal level. The future of our state, and country will be decided by the voters. Who knows what will happen.
I cannot wait to be an uncle, and buy the noisiest gift in Walmart's toy aisle. 
I cannot wait to finish up my Associate’s Degree over the summer and head to a college of my choice.

Logan and Maggie head to Garden City after they both pass the BAR in August. Doubling the size of the firm.

In five short years, I could be back in Garden City, with multiple degrees in hand, starting my career and hitting peak adult-mode.

But, who knows, I kind of like this writing thing.