(or how I get stuff done)

Connor Montgomery
Jan 19, 2015 · 1 min read

I’ve been using Things by Cultured Code for a long time now to remember things I want (or need) to get done. It’s fantastic.

Two problems, though –

  1. I get distracted easily
  2. I’m often working on a few things at a time

So, I made a thing to fix that (no pun intended).

Meet, the menu bar Mac app that complements Things:

It parses your Today list in Things every 5 minutes, and updates to show a task that is not yet complete in the MenuBar. Click it to see all of your Today tasks, and click a specific one for that one to become your “focus task”.

It’s simple, and I made it at year and a half ago (first commit was in July of 2013), but I thought I’d share.

It’s always been open source.

High five.

    Connor Montgomery

    Written by

    Builder at @pinterest; also hack on @domainr. Previously: Apple, @LiftApp. I have a thing for high-fives.

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