Connor Adams is a software developer at BNP Paribas. Once a week during his lunch break, he runs a Code Club at a primary school near his office in London. Here he tells us why he got involved with Code Club and how volunteering makes him better at his job.

I first encountered Code Club when they had a stall at a technology conference I was attending, and after speaking with someone from Code Club, I was pretty keen to get involved. …

Machine learning works well nowadays with plenty of useful applications that many people use everyday. After I finish listening to a song on YouTube, it will automatically play another song that I’m likely to be interested in. Amazon will suggest products that are often bought together, which can be very useful when I’m unsure which add-on items go well with a product that I’ve just added to my shopping basket.

But sometimes Machine Learning doesn’t work that well. You might make an unusual purchase for yourself or perhaps “a gift for someone else” and then start receiving unwanted suggestions for similar items. …


Connor Adams

Developer and Tech Enthusiast

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