Okay so it turns out there is quite a substantial bit more to do on the list of making music easy.

Wanting to make this an immersive experience I had to have some visual, and what better thing to do that then to use bright flashy LEDs; WS2812B’s to be exact or more commonly known as the Neopixel.

A beautiful example of a neopixel matrix from the awesome pirates at Pimoroni.

Now its time for the research, this is where I managed to find some pretty interesting facts about colour and how they play with emotions; some of the colours do the complete opposite to what I would have thought.

Initial thought process to colour and emotions.

One thing that has been a work in progress is the colour mixing, This has been a huge help by my Unlce… He’s even created a little virtual grid in C# to help me understand the maths and code behind it. The grid is customisable and can be used with as many colours as your mind can possibly handle.

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