Why the matrix?

Okay so I’ve had some inspiration on a previous app that I had on my phone, it was a very simple matrix where you could turn each LED on/off and it would play a simple note, from this you could make very simple songs.

The one thing I wanted to do was expand on this, I wanted more…

Initial sketch for a more intuitive sounds matrix.

The theory behind the Matrix, was to take away the somewhat confusing musical notation; that many people may find daunting a first sight.

Since having quite a musical background myself I’ve been subject to notation so it comes like second nature to me but there was a time that i couldn’t tell the difference between the squiggly lines.

At this point, it also occurred to me that sheet music is quite doll… well unless its the below.

But then again, theres one thing it lacks; Colour.

So apart from making the interface simple, what else is there to do.