Research: Enough to Last!

Just Enough Research, as the title would imply, is written about research. While reading it, I found that on the very first page I had some things to say.

I’m not exactly sure when the paper was written, but it mentions the segway, and how it was hyped up before release as a mysterious and revolutionary new form of transportation, but ended up launching with a flub. Just a tangent, the dawning of the (poorly named) Hoverboards in recent years has proven there is merit to that form of transportation, but the author’s point still stands: It is important to research a product and how feasible it actually is before investing so much time, money and effort into its creation. A good idea isn’t necessarily one that will be successful.

He mentions a story about how his company was once hired by an insurance firm, and when the author’s company asked to talk to some of their agents, they were denied. The reasoning being that the firm didn’t want how they already functioned to affect the creativity of the author’s company. To me, this screams of a problem I myself have been faced with many times: Somebody requests a project, presentation, design, picture, what have you, but gives you supbar or not enough direction on what they actually want, as they assume “creativity” means you will be able to do it all yourself. Though flattering, it’s sorely misled.

Just because somebody is creative doesn’t mean they can solve any problem or create anything. They need information, prompting. That’s what research does, provides the information necessary for a creative mind to actually work and get those gears turning, allowing a project to actually begin. Although going based on just your imagination may work fine for a while… it won’t always end with the best results possible.