Today I went thrift shopping at goodwill. Bought a Coca-Cola always mug, a Bells 23 oz beer glass and a brand name hat for $6 total.. there all listed online somewhere not too exciting profit opportunities but not a lot of risk either. I’m excited to learn how to sell online and can’t wait to get the ball rolling and having a side hustle creative a side income stream. On my way to the bank to see if my check has hit and see how much money I have to work with. Got some homework done, I’m realizing that my classes really aren’t providing much value as far as information that’s going to help me be successful. Most of the info I can find in countless books for free at Barnes and Noble, or some website online. It’s starting to seem like it’s more the brand of a university degree that is the thing I’m trying to obtain to be put in a category making me eligible to work certain jobs and make more money per year within that job. So just grinding it out till I get that degree so that I can make some more money to invest in my own business or whatever the current endeavor is at the time. But while I’m working for that degree I’ve been learning and researching ways to make money, like buying and selling things, wholesaling real estate, putting out context on multiple platforms to create a audience over a couple years etc.. all of the things that can help me make money now and are practical like buying low and selling high are practical and don’t have a ceiling unlike the career job that a degree will get me into. So as bad as it sounds getting a bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University is more or less a back up plan. On top of everything I am a very blessed athlete, and I’m working out almost everyday in order to play semi pro men’s soccer starting this November. That’s the main goal short term, im super pumped about it and really think I can make it a reality. So those are my thoughts for the day, feeling thankful and excited for what the future has to throw at me.


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