How Damien Coughlan Went from $0 to $314,000 in 5 Months Using Virtual Assistants

From zero to success

We all love a good success story.

Damien’s Story

Damien Coughlan was just like your average online entrepreneur who owned a Shopify Store but couldn’t get the break he was looking for. Part of it was because he was doing tasks that were not value-added. He was interviewing people, for instance, which just took too much of his time when he should have been focusing on more important stuff.

Using virtual assistants

Damien finally got the break he’d been looking for when he saw a friend’s testimonial video on his Facebook feed. His friend was talking about FreeeUp so he wasted no time in getting the FreeeUp CEO’s contact details.

It was all upwards from there

That initial hire proved to be the starting point of a successful run. This saw Damien building, growing and scaling his business using virtual assistants. With amazing workers behind him, Damien was able to focus on the more important, value-added activities.

Making the right decision

Damien says that using virtual assistants is absolutely one of the best decisions he has ever made. The results are undeniable. After starting from scratch a few months back, his Shopify store now earns about $3,700 per day after only 5 months of using virtual assistants. He was able to generate a revenue of about $314,000 in that short time.

What makes this work?

Damien’s success is a testament to how efficient freelancers are in making a business a total success. It’s really a mixture of a couple of things. Below are some of them:

Productivity and company culture

Using virtual assistants to run your business promotes an awesome company culture. By hiring people to perform specific tasks that are considered their expertise, the virtual assistants you hire are not only productive but are also happy with what they do.

Happy workers

The workers Damien has hired run on autopilot, which means he is totally hands off with whatever the virtual assistants he hired are doing. This autonomy helps each freelancer perform their tasks properly and efficiently because they are given full trust.

Happy customers

When workers are happy, it reflects the kind of work they render. Happy workers are excited and enthusiastic in performing their duties. They don’t feel obligated to do the tasks they are assigned. For them, work is not work at all.

Happy business owner

With everything falling into place from workers who are excited to contribute to the business, to customers who always come back to purchase more, it’s no doubt that the business has nowhere else to go but up.


Damien Coughlan is not someone special. He’s just like you and me. He had a vision and a dream that he tried to achieve through his Shopify store.

Are you a business owner who’s struggling to make sales just like Damien was?

Are you getting overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to get done?

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