Getting Around TikTok Ban, VPN Use Increases After Donald Trump Threatens TikTok and WeChat

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Unless TikTok has not caught your attention recently, Donald Trump hinted at the idea of banning TikTok .There are more than 80 million US TikTok users, often checking the app daily, but United States President Donald Trump threatened TikTok to ban access to users who reside in the US. Allegations over privacy concerns in relation to the Chinese government have been presented. Quick minded Internet users present the ability for nearly everyone to use a simple application named a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to evade these restrictions and bans and technically it is legal.

Masking digital footprint to get around TikTok’s ban

Using a VPN reroutes all of your internet traffic to keep any data from being accessed, essentially scattering all the information. To get around the TikTok ban, a VPN will act as a funnel, to scatter your connection to the server, helping to change your internet location and keep your data secure. This leads to the case where a VPN will help change your location to an internet signal somewhere outside of the United States and evade any sort of internet ban put into place.

VPNs evade restrictions on sites like TikTok, however, this depends on how the ban is developed and enforced. If the app is illegal in a country then official app stores are forced to remove it and it gets tricky trying to download the app. Apps and websites as well can be blocked by ISPs. These two measures can be applied separately or together which calls for a solution to decentralize the internet. Orchid VPN has preposed the solution to internet privacy concerns.

The Orchid network is a system to fight back against central middle-mans who deem the internet to be nothing more than collected data. Orchid has created the fastest and most secure mobile and desktop application using the decentralized virtual private network (dVPN).

To do this, Orchid uses a complex formula of technology, and has created the first VPN protocol for token-incentivized bandwidth proxying, and smart-contracts with algorithmic advertising and payment functions. Orchid’s users connect to bandwidth sellers using a provider directory, and they pay using probabilistic nanopayments so Ethereum transaction fees on packets are acceptably low. They utilize the famous compliance standards of ERC-20 which is known to safely manage billions of dollars in decentralized applications (DApp).

The topics of What The Public Knows About Cybersecurity and The Quest for Anonymity Online has studied extensively, with research from Pew Research Center presenting interesting cases on the causation of education and basic internet privacy knowledge.

Other notable differences relate to educational attainment. Those who have a college or graduate education are more likely than those who have not gone to college to have cleared their cookie and browser history, disabled cookies, decided not to use a website because it had asked for their name, encrypted their email, and used a proxy server or VPN. — Part 1: The Quest for Anonymity Online

The discussion of decentralized VPNs have begin to show up around Twitter and other social platforms. Forbes World’s Top 50 Women in Tech, Jen Zhu asked her followers, ”VPN business boom incoming. Who’s building decentralised VPN exchange? Could make a great business case now.”

Without doubt, a response linking Orchid VPN.

That said, you don’t have to use the dedicated app to enjoy watching TikTok videos. Many of the most popular videos can be found via the TikTok website — either on your computer or your phone. That could be a much more viable option to use together with a VPN, if the TikTok ban takes effect.

If the TikTok ban takes effect, most of the videos can be accessed through the TikTok website. The ability to download Orchid through the Apple Store, Android Store, and standalone versions means the internet is free. No more middleman taking the cut from those who need it the most. Distributed internet calls for a vibrant community of innovation and free speech, with everyones voice being heard.



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