InnovateEDU — connecting student entrepreneurs in Boston

Boston is full of smart, talented and highly motivated students looking to make change in the world. With more than a quarter million undergraduate students residing here, it’s no wonder that Boston is a hub of innovation.

With more than 100 colleges and universities ranging from technical to liberal arts schools in the Greater Boston area — the future workforce of business and technology is closer than most realize.

Focusing on classes while confined to the parameters of a campus setting, these future leaders become isolated, engaging only with those who will be sharing the same degree. Students go through 4 years of college ignoring the resources and community of students surrounding them.

That is why we started InnovateEDU.

InnovateEDU is a student-run organization focusing on breaking the campus borders that exist and connecting students from these schools. Currently, we are in the pilot semester with Northeastern, Boston University, Emerson, and MIT.

Each school recruits a team of 5 students from their school and are tasked with developing a business idea, creating a business plan, and pitching their idea to the Boston community.

As the semester unfolds, there are four bootcamps hosted at each respective school where students learn different skills like ideation, go to market strategies, product development, and financial modeling. These workshops also serve as a great networking opportunity to meet and foster relationships with students from other schools.

This semester concludes with an end of the semester pitch competition at Hatch Fenway on April 12th, where each of these 4 teams will pitch their business ideas to an investor panel.

InnovateEDU is in the pilot semester and has seen incredible progress in such a short period of time. We are looking to expand across other schools in Boston in future semesters, and continue to be entirely student-run.

If you know someone who can help with our mission of uniting student entrepreneurs, or if your school is looking to get involved next semester — reach out to me at