Is Your Job Safe???

How data is available from accounting for companies? Something that I think is simply mind bending is that when I go to Google photos, I can search for things within my pictures. I haven’t told Google that this picture is of a sunset, yet I can type these things into the search and poof there are my pictures with the things I am searching. Essentially it’s magic. If you cannot grasp how amazing this feat is you are one hard person to impress.

Behind the scenes at Google there aren’t a group of wizards sorting through your pictures. What is actually happening is your pictures are being analyzed in neural networks, which is a group of computers that process information much in the same way that your brain does, so when you type in your search it actually finds the things you’re looking for. This is an amazing engineering accomplishment.

This brings us back to the accounting question, how much data is out there. A seemingly disconnected question to the current talk. Let's ask a different question. How many people are employed by accounting jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are around 1.3 million accountants. Now ask yourself if computers can look at a picture and tell you what is in it, why then would they not be able to learn how to do accounting.

Accounting is something that is extremely well documented, giving someone access to vast amounts of data to speed this learning curve. Extrapolate this to almost any other job and you start to see a different picture of the future. Computers are incredible tools that have seemingly endless potential. It is in this mindset that we have to chose how we and our world will proceed. For good or bad the economic factors for automation will drive these advances forward and they will be here far sooner than anyone can perceive at the moment.

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