Dear Wells Fargo, Your Mobile App Sucks

The not so good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the past months, a few financial institutions like Capital One and American Express released big updates to their mobile apps. It’s wonderful to see the financial space finally starting to understand today’s customers, their needs, and how important user experience is. Sadly, I can’t say the same about Wells Fargo

Their app has been the same since day one, they have made no strides to adapt with the changing needs of today’s customer. Wells Fargo treats their app like a mobile website within an app. As a customer, I thought of ways to solve their problems I’ve encountered while using their app. I did a quick survey, asking friends and family about their reasons for mobile banking usage and overall experience.

Typical Usage

  1. Mobile deposits
  2. Finding ATM’s
  3. Transferring money between accounts
  4. Paying others
  5. Causally checking their account

From there, I decided to rethink the Wells Fargo mobile app experience.


Left to Right: Current Wells Fargo Login Screen vs. My Login Screens

Keep it simple. How many options do you really need on a login screen? The most common actions gathered from my research were:

  1. Login
  2. Find an ATM

These became my two focus areas. First, a built-in iOS feature, Touch ID (I love every app that implements this). Second, making sure the ATM Locator was easy to find.

Once you’re logged in you’re taken to your accounts view.


Left to Right: Current Wells Fargo Account Screen vs. My Account Screen

Now that you’re logged in, the most common actions, based on my research, were:

  1. Review Accounts
  2. Make a Mobile Deposit
  3. Transfer Money

As you can see, the current version just lists out your accounts. Within the hamburger menu is where you can find Mobile Deposits, Transfer & Pay, and a boat load of other links.

The problem I solved here was to take the common actions out of the hamburger menu and place them front and center. From here you can select an account, make a mobile deposit, and/or transfer money.

Account Details

Left to Right: Current Wells Fargo Account Details vs. My Account Details

If you’re like me, then viewing your transaction details is like looking at hieroglyphics. You’ll see something like this…


Wells Fargo is taking the easy way out by posting the full transaction string for the customer to decode, instead of decoding it for you. You should be able to quickly scan your transactions without a headache. The problem I wanted to solve here, is to give the customer better information up front, with the option to dig deeper.

These are the pet peeves that I, the user, have experienced in their app that leave me frustrated and unsatisfied. Financial institutions need to step up their game. My hope is they see the need to create smoother and more user friendly experiences for their customers.


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