What Google Maps Is Missing…

The option to add secondary stops before your primary destination.

Ever find yourself looking for directions, but wanting to stop off somewhere along the way? This happened to me the other day and got me thinking…

I was going to a BYOB restaurant here in Philly. I just ran out of wine the week prior, so I needed to get a bottle on the way. I opened Google Maps and entered the restaurant’s address.

I then scrolled around looking for a Wine & Spirits close by. This process was annoying and left me frustrated. Now that I knew where the restaurant was, I cleared my search and looked for a Wine & Spirits that was the closest between my current location and the restaurant.

Using Google’s current design guidelines, I’ve taken their current iOS app and added a button “Add Stops”

Current Google Maps (Left) — My Version of Google Maps with Add Stops button (Right)

Now you’re able to add a stop along the way to your final destination. If Google took this one step further (similar to how they suggest to take an Uber), identifying that the restaurant I typed in is a BYOB place, they could suggest a wine and spirits shop along the way.

Add secondary stop (Left) — Google suggesting a wine and spirits within your route (Right)

Just a simple way to add another stop along the way to your final destination within Google Maps.

Update 10/21/15: Coming Soon…