Consigliere takes: Bengals owner should fire his daughter

I’m back with some more consigliere takes for today, even though the thoughts actually came on August 3. We learn my special adviser goes to church, enjoys martinis and gets sexist on occasion.

Coach Lewis Needs An Arm. Poor Marvin.I bet Nick Saban would give [AJ] McCarron Snaps with the First Team. What is the Downside?
Lewis plays Dalton Ball and says I Am Right. Even [Andy] Dalton has Failed yet I will always Play Dalton Ball. I as Coach will be Loyal to Fault and will not allow The Dalton Project To Be Other than is is.
Someone say a nice word about The Lewis Project and Dalton Project. Lewis is the Plan that enters without Carson Palmer and Carson Said You can go to hell. Bengals enter with Dalton that is a Coach Killer. Lewis is and was a better Coach with Carson that Told Coach to stick it were it dont shine.
Second Martini Thought was I. Sorry to confuse the Tail Gaters. This Season is Our Year. We Have [owner] Mike Brown back in the Game.I have been saying for years on years that Mike Brown has sell back into the Bengal Fans on Himself.
I am sold on Mike Brown and will ask Owner one thing. This year your Daughter (Executive Vice President Katie Blackburn) has to be removed simply because of gender. Football is a Mans Game and I Say The Dame Is Out. LOL.
Return Mike Brown. We Fans need a Man Running this Show.
We the Bengal Fans Pity Marvin Lewis. The Poor Fellow has Duty to Play Against Reason. Poor is Coach Lewis. I will light a candle for Him this next Sunday in Church. I will Pray that Coach will play someday soon with an NFL Arm

Not gonna lie, this one’s a rough look for the consigliere. The guy was clearly inebriated — seems as though he was at least two martinis deep — but it clearly doesn’t excuse the blatant sexism. I’m going to have to work with him to cut down on the sexist stuff, but aside from that I think it’s some pretty interesting stuff.

According to the consigliere, Marvin Lewis is going to have to look long and hard at Bengals QB Andy Dalton and try to determine whether he — the Dalton project, as my adviser calls him — can put together some of the 2015 magic we’ve seen before.

My special adviser really likes to talk about Dalton’s arm in particular, often criticizing the fact he says it does not ‘bring fear.’ As we continue discussions via Facebook messenger, I’m doing my best to get the consigliere to clarify which quarterbacks do and do not possess fear-bringing arms.