The Daily Pains of Life

Fired from your job? Plenty of work to do, no time to do it? How much is there in your life that you just can’t control? Well the stress in my life is something that has only ever been moderately affected by my attempts to manage it. This is why I began looking for ways to manage my stress and hopefully reduce it. I decided to begin looking for ways to reduce my stress because I have decided that I want to be in control of it rather than the other way around, and I know that it’s entirely possible despite my history with it.

Everyone has some kind of stress

Stress is something that can cause pain in people’s lives, yet it is so normalized and expected to be in everybody’s lives that people are usually very resigned to it. With this resignation however, comes a plethora of possibilities with regards to reducing it and managing it.

When talking about stress I think that a common mistake and misconception is that all you can do is try to buffer it and weather the storm, that all you can do is try to relax later, when in reality there is plenty that everyone can do. Effective time management is something that everyone can do and it is something that can really reduce the amount of stress anyone feels. Feeling control over the things that give you stress is a great thing. Managing your time in such a way that you have plenty of time for work and plenty of time for relaxing, play, and connecting with your family and friends.

Being able to connect with family and friends…

Being able to connect with family and friends is something that is irreplaceable in regards to reducing stress. Having people you trust and that listen to you is something that all people need, whether it be some old biological impulse or an emotional need, it’s something that most people can’t live without. Even though it is unlikely that any of them will be able to solve your problems and just rid you of the stress that is affecting you, it is the fact that they can empathetically listen to all of your problems and worries and be a confidant. Since stress affects people in unique ways, we cannot always expect that the people we are connecting with will be able to understand and help us with our problems, but in that same vein there are a lot of things that most people do that can apply to the majority of us.

There are so many things that everybody can at least try to do when they are trying to reduce how much their stress affects them, other than good time management, and staying connected with family and friends, having an optimistic outlook in all facets of your life is irrefutably beneficial to people. Another thing that people can try is staying healthy, eating the right foods, getting plenty of exercise, playing a sport that you enjoy and also give you a good workout would also work well. helps people to understand stress and provides them some possibilities to manage their stress.

Reducing stress and managing its impact on your life are congruent with staying connected with family and friends, good time management, being optimistic, staying healthy, relaxing, and just having fun in general. A lot of the time people have unique sources of stress and certain tips or techniques won’t work at all for them so they have to look for certain things that work for them in particular and apply those to their lives.

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