How to Destroy Civilization

  1. Erode parent-child attachment relationships

The state is the proper educator of children. The mother’s role as nurturer is patriarchal. Women are happier as tax slaves than as mothers. The Father’s role as provider and disciplined educator is overrated and unnecessary. Overburdened daycare workers and public school teachers are just as good as stable two parent households.

2. Maintain that all Cultures are Created Equal

Shit, if they believe the first one, how hard can this one be! We’ve got the children for 21 years — including college — after all.

3. Debase the currency, blame associated problems on capitalism

People who have to keep working harder and harder and accept lower living standard over time don’t have the energy or will to question the system. We will make it super convenient for them to clamor for more handouts instead.

4. Replace economic currency with victimhood currency

Make being the most perpetually traumatized and oppressed it an adaptive response to social incentives. Make obscure hyper-intellectual, hyper-sensitive jargon the only acceptable form of speech. Use neglected zombies as first line verbal artillery against those who think independently or strive for greatness.

5. Shame them for their History

Make them feel like their ancestors were evil, colonialist, capitalist exploiter scum. Glorify every culture’s history that didn’t achieve 1/10th of the abundance and virtue their culture did.

6. In group preference for everyone…except whites.

Enact a soft genocide among whites and smart people by putting up road blocks to reproduction every step of the way. Insinuate that it is impossible for white people to ever rid themselves of racism.

7. Hillary Clinton 2016

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