Neglect is a Savage Ghost

Neglect is a silent and soft savagery. It is to watch a child drown emotionally, and react with indifference. It is the ultimate cowardice.

Because abuse is at least confrontational. It is interactive. It is — partially— alive. There is something to fight. As an adult, it is much easier to grieve and resist. It is much more real.

You can’t get angry at a ghost. You can’t fight a ghost. You can only blindly and desperately build shoddy substitutes for the love and connectedness of healthy attachment. So often the void is cheaply filled with alcohol, drugs and violence.

We can see vividly how this passive savagery plays out on a macro scale. The daycare generation is the result of mass institutionalized childhood neglect. It has not immediately reverted Western millennials to the level of widespread social violence detailed in The Origins of War in Child Abuse. But it has opened the door for uncivilized cultures to enter, which are much less removed from the grim practices detailed in the book.

Islamic and Hispanic cultures are openly abusive in the most horrific ways to their children. Western cultures are relatively nice to their children in public, but will send them through the meat grinder of disconnection and barbaric neglect in public school and daycare.

Islamic and Hispanic cultures unapologetically teach their children strong values based on violence. Western culture teaches their children passive obedience and shame in a vacuum of values.

Cultures inhabited by wandering ghosts are quickly displaced by roaming wolves.

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