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Debugging and development tools for Laravel 5.5

I previously wrote a post on testing helpers in Laravel 5.4. Those setup steps can be added to any Laravel app to make testing easier and more effective.

Likewise, there are tools that can be added to every new Laravel project that make debugging easier in development.

I’d like to especially call out laravel-debugbar and laravel-log-viewer.

Laravel debugbar adds a small bar at the bottom of the browser with debug information like the number of queries. With Eloquent it can be easy to make unnecessary database requests so debugbar helps to identify code that is not performant. It displays this right next to the developer console at the bottom of the browser.

Laravel log viewer allows you to see the logs from the storage/logs file in the browser as a pretty HTML table. The logs will be available at /logs.

Both of these packages are open source, free and available on github. Installing them is very quick and can be baked into a fresh install of Laravel 5.5.

Thanks for reading. What do you use to assist in developing and debugging Laravel applications?

Update 3/4/18: Further resources

There are some more tools out there. Check out my other article Testing Helpers in Laravel 5.4.

See the tail of your log file with: spatie/laravel-tail
Artisan command to test sending email: spatie/laravel-mailable-test
Mail driver that sends mail to disk: themsaid/laravel-mail-preview