TLDR; We’ve donated the money we had accumulated in the form of unclaimed gifts to Saint James Music Academy — a charity that provides youth in the Downtown Eastside an opportunity to learn music.

Since shutting down Give, we’ve had a bank account filled with the spare change we acquired over the years of operating. Mostly money Johnny and I invested in the form of “Gifts” to unverified artists, we stopped operations with $2,180 in unclaimed money. …

On January 12th, we hosted a small event at 33 Acres Brewing. While the focus was mainly on a fantastic meal and an intimate performance by Andy Shauf, we managed to say a few words. Here is the speech for future reference:

We’re honoured that such a fantastic group of people are with us in this beautiful room to talk about something that we’ve been talking about for quite some time. The conversation is about a Gift: an expression of gratitude with future potential.

While the internet continues to provide greater access to digital music than…

Connor Lowe

Maximizing for interestingness. Director of Digital Experience @Aritzia. Making ocean dreams @arbutusridgebowen.

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