Haring at the Miller ICA

Connor McGaffin
Oct 2, 2018 · 7 min read



Initial Moodboard for a Keith Haring Exhibit
(clothing required for exhibition visitors)



a loose floorplan and parti diagram for the exhibition


overview of exhibition space
when entering from the vestibule, visitors are faced with an info desk reminiscent of a ticket booth, where they are given two subway tokens embellished with Haring figures at their hub.
passing through the turnstile brings guests to a briefing area, where a series of Haring-era advertisements begin to play a short video from CBS Sunday Morning’s segment titled “Keith Haring was here”
beyond the briefing area is a small, traditional gallery space to mark the progression of Haring’s work into the NYC fine arts scene
scanning the second subway token at the nearby kiosk triggers a screen to project the figure from the coin onto a large screen. the figure mimicks the movements of guests through use of an Xbox Kinect skeleton.
the exhibition concludes with a short debrief tying back to The Andy Warhol Museum, in an effort to encourage guests to continue exploring the museums Pittsburgh has to offer


briefing area
moving into the traditioalgallery space
primary interaction
debrief and exit


Connor McGaffin

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Carnegie Mellon student raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and working in the city of Pittsburgh. Studying communication and environment design.

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