“Nice Guy’s Get Dick” — Gary Vee || A post that is the Slap in the crotch you need.

I am going to be completely honest when I say that grammar and punctuation is not my strong suit. But I have idea’s. Lots of them, that I love throwing at people. So, Fuck it. Let’s do this.

Instead of some sort of long winded sob story on how teen pregnancy kicked my ass (it did at times) and how I concurred it — like every MTV and “Inspirational Facebook post” does, I will let you in on what I learned. Wethere you had a kid a young age or not — you can still apply this shit to your life.

  1. Listen to yourself.
  • I see it every day, someone online, or at work, at a store…anything. “what would you do?” or “do you think people will care” and so on. There is not one person in your life that knows you, like you do. Stop being indecisive and make up your fucking mind. It does you no good to sit around wondering how others would handle your situation when it is irrelevant to them, and they probably don’t care anyway.

2) GRiND

  • Work. Work. Then, Work. If you are anything like me, your not going to have someone bail you out when life shoves lemons down your throat. Your it. YOU are the ticket out. “Well, I do work! Like, 9–5!” Are you kidding me? If you are seriously in hard times, you don’t get the oppourtunity to just float on like everyone else, everything is a GRiND. That goes for anyone, (where I sit now) that is doing alright in the big scheme of things, but wants an above average lifestyle. You need to do shit today others won't, so you can do shit tomorrow, others can’t.

3) “Nice guy’s get Dick”- Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Now, there is a difference in being a complete asshole, and getting shit done. I grew up being dragged to meetings by my grandfather (entrepreneur) at a young until not long ago to learn the lifestyle (it really is the farthest thing from a job possible). He was known as a hard ass — I really think that he just didn’t let people get one over on him — and that pissed them off. You must always be a gentlemen or lady. Shake their hand, look them in the eye, BE ON TIME, you know — manners. That way — when they try to bend you over at the end of a deal, your not left without a leg to stand on. Be the lion. Be in control of the room. Observe. Observe. Observe.

The motivation that fires me inside is not to proove anyone else wrong — It is to encourage younger people, or anyone in tough ass times — That it can be done. I am no huge success story and have not made millions yet, I just have this un-controlable desire to spew my thoughts. If this gets one person to think differently, or motivates the fuck out of you — I will feel like this post is a success.

-Connor J Nicholson