B2D Startups solving tough infrastructure projects are far from boring

I love reading stories about infrastructure projects. Stories about runways, office blocks, housing developments, theatres, tunnels, cycle paths, pools, motorways, trains, universities, hospitals and even flight routes. Stories that I know will directly impact my overall quality of life via reduced commute times, access to better facilities, lower costs of living, healthier transport options, etc…

Infrastructure stories might be boring for many people, but I enjoy learning about them as it means more things I never have to build, own or manage myself. And I’m very grateful for the entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, community groups and companies who take on this responsibility so I don’t have to.

Equally, as a computer scientist and technology entrepreneur, I seek out ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) stories from the digital world. Business-2-Developer focused products that help improve the quality of our professional lives by allowing developers to react faster, save more money, test more ideas, delight more customers and scale globally.

Infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Twilio, Github, Google Firebase, Segment, etc…. are all making the profession of software development more enjoyable, and most importantly, more efficient and impactful.

As an entrepreneur, digital infrastructure projects may at first seem boring and tedious, but they are where I think some of the biggest and most exciting startup opportunities exist. High quality, well designed, and flexible B2D infrastructure startups are already powering most of the leading B2C and B2B startups today. This will continue to accelerate as B2D startups power more and more end consumer and business applications.

Here is to more B2D startups. Here is to more boring stories.