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A variety of new tools are being built to help businesses reopen as safely as possible and to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. These include personal symptom trackers, local exposure notification tools, and platforms for limiting occupancy of facilities to allow for physical distancing.

The COVID Tech Task Force along with our partners, Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, NYU’s Alliance for Public Interest Technology, TechCrunch, Betaworks Studios and Hangar, hosted a conference on June 17th to discuss contact tracing, exposure notification, and tools that businesses could use to reopen safely.

In advance of the conference, we gathered the below demos from teams building relevant products, as we’ve done previously regarding contact tracing for TechCrunch. Our goal is to provide public health officials, business leaders, and state and local government, with information on some of the tools that could be available to them as they consider reopening. We do not necessarily endorse any of these products and understand that there may be material concerns, including regarding their security and privacy. The descriptions of the products below have been provided by the companies. …

By Connor Spelliscy and Zach Gillan

On February 14th, 2019, the IRS held a hearing in which new amendments to the proposed Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) regulations were discussed by the IRS and key stakeholders. The IRS has thus far been very open to industry feedback and collaboration in developing these novel regulations, and an IRS representative framed the hearing by suggesting that the existing form of the regulations left open a “great deal of questions.”

At the hearing, 25 speakers voiced concerns and support for the proposed QOZ regulation. …

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And why we think it’s important.

Hopefully, you’ve seen that the Blockchain Association launched yesterday evening, and the Washington Post called it, “the first fully fledged lobbying group in Washington representing entrepreneurs and investors who are building off the technology behind bitcoin.” As the various articles reinforce, this is a pretty important step for the industry. We’re pleased to be inaugural members. You should read the Association’s launch post.

We’ve made our skepticism of certain crypto projects quite clear at Hangar. But we are decidedly not skeptical of the potential we see in transparent, distributed networks, and the innovative value of new regulatory and legal structures that must be implemented and enabled if these technologies are to exercise their full potential. …


Connor Spelliscy

@ Hangar and Connectivity Fund

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