54 Things Vox Has A Problem With

Vox has a lot of problems with a lot of things.

Some of these things are problematic. Some of them are not. It’s up to you to choose how riled up you want to get.

  1. Economic Theory
  2. Syria’s Ceasefire
  3. A Sexier WNBA
  4. American Sniper
  5. Dumb Startup Ideas
  6. Lab-Grown Meat
  7. Politically-Related Holiday Advice
  8. Taylor Swift’s Cancer Screening Advice
  9. Taylor Swift’s New Pop Song
  10. Home-Cooked Meals
  11. Mike Pence’s Dinner Policies
  12. Supposed Libido Enhancers
  13. The War On Drugs
  14. Marijuana Ballot Initiatives
  15. Drug Trials
  16. Looking To Black People To Solve Racism
  17. Modern Blockbusters (Especially Independence Day: Resurgence)
  18. Superhero Movies
  19. Competitive Insurance Markets
  20. Medicare
  21. A New Medicare Law
  22. Paying Medicare Doctors
  23. Obamacare Conspiracy Theories
  24. The Comcast-Time Warner Merger
  25. Calls For Anti-Trust Action Against Amazon
  26. TV Endings
  27. Amazon’s New Phone
  28. Unlimited Parental Leave
  29. The Patent System
  30. Blaming Coal Country For Things They Should Be Blamed For
  31. Blaming Obama and Blacks Live Matter For Something They Shouldn’t Be Blamed For
  32. The NSA
  33. Trump’s Approach To Lying
  34. An Anti-Trump Editorial
  35. Trump’s Approach To The Presidency
  36. “Now More Than Ever” Politics
  37. Nate Silver
  38. The High Sparrow’s Judgement
  39. Hillary Clinton’s Judgment
  40. Suggesting Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia
  41. Suggesting Hillary Clinton Has A Problem With Something
  42. Bernie Sander’s Statement on White People and Ghettos
  43. Bernie Sander’s Free College Plan
  44. Paying For College
  45. Discounted College Tuition
  46. Higher Education
  47. The US News College Rankings
  48. North Carolina’s Bathroom Law
  49. Ted Cruz’s Stance On Legal Immigration
  50. Obama’s Plan To Let Undocumented Immigrants Join The Military
  51. The Border Patrol’s Problem With Excessive Force
  52. The Apple Watch
  53. Homeownership As An Investment Strategy
  54. Dying