4 things that surprised me about being an entrepreneur in college

Conor Lynch
Jan 29, 2017 · 6 min read

1. Entrepreneurs do exist in college

2. The supports are there to help your business grow

Showing off my new bespoke packaging for my clocks in Blackstone Launchpad, at one of their events. I always get fantastic feedback from people when I meet them at events like this. (Photo credit: Blackstone Launchpad)
Pitching my business at Blackstone Launchpad’s weekly “Show & Tell” event. A few of my friends showed up, so it was fairly nerve-racking, but I was happy with how the pitch went. (Photo credit: Blackstone Launchpad)
Bank Of Ireland asked me to be a judge in their Transition Year Startup academy, and the head judge happened to be Barry O Sullivan — one of the Dragons I pitched in front of 3 years ago. Opportunities like this only came about because of Blackstone Launchpad.

3. I’m the busiest I’ve ever been

4. People still think your Leaving cert points, and not interests, should dictate your choice of college course

I’m now studying Mechanical Engineering in NUI Galway. The newly completed engineering building in this picture is one of the reasons I love studying here.

Conor Lynch

Written by

University of Notre Dame 2020 | Mechanical Engineering Graduate | Founder of Conor Lynch Woodturning

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