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Conor Clarke
Feb 17, 2016 · 5 min read

So check that out. If you just wanna stay here and browse, you’re very welcome. I hope you have a nice lunch today and a pleasant evening.

Wendy’s 4 for $4 with a Double Stack
This deal should not exist, just like these crazy animal facts.

The stuff you donate to Goodwill can help fund job training for people in your community.

Michelob Ultra
Our effort to welcome golf back to the Olympics in Rio.


Ballerinas twerking and statues pop locking to Nelly. Legally we couldn’t encourage people to “take off all their clothes” though.

Kmart + Joe Boxer Holiday

Men with big bellies and a talent for drumming. And actual pregnant women with a talent for being awesome hip hop dancers.

The guy in the middle is John Farley. And we got one take where they accidentally pulled his boxers off. We saw his penis then he said “That’s a lot of John Farley!” All five of these badass moms were pregnant during the filming of this spot. We checked with their doctors And apparently that’s okay. One gave birth the next day. Just think how good at dancing their kids will be.

DiGiorno Design a Pizza Kit

Remember pizza Lunchables? This product is kinda like that, but for 2–4 of your adult friends to gather in the kitchen and create together.

Cox Gigablast High Speed Internet

Internet 100x faster is a good thing. People falling off treadmills is a funny thing.

Aidells Don’t Eat Boring

Chicken sausage with flavors that are not boring.

I’ m seeing a trend here that clients tend to like two spots, one with a male hero and one with a female. Turns out when we were shooting these, the two actors knew eachother. Kinda neat. These were filmed in Vancouver. Lots of cool people in Vancouver. The actress the spot didn’t think our CD was funny and me and Alf thought that was REALLY funny.

KFC Chins

Can you believe they let us make this? Let alone 5. And they’re still online. The hand in the videos is me. You can tell by how hairy it is.

Tombstone Social

For a while we got to Photoshop pizzas for Tombstone social in almost any situation. Go Karts. Space. Destroying a city like Godzilla. Or a kitchen.

Love the comments on these.

Comment: Please increase the size of the font on your directions for this middle aged guy who’d like to cook your pizzas without getting out his reading glasses…..

Comment: Why can’t we have both? Original extra cheese and 5 cheese? Why not? 5 cheese blows. You messed it up. please make a comeback !/ you can do this.!

The Hot Babes — Alf Zapata, Conor Clarke, Matt Everts, Johnross Post (wants ladies to know he’s single), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (center)

We are a team of 4 and people call us The Hot Babes.

Alf left to go have babies in Texas.

Now we are called The Hot Babes & Hunter.

Hot Babes & Hunter for Auntie Anne’s (Hunter Pinnell)

P-Touch Labelmakers

Putting labels on advertising is fun. And the lines under the labels are so messed up, you don’t even know.

Just a little OOH.

Bring Back Playtime

A brief for The Department of Health via D&AD. Our campaign was on the shortlist of nominations for 2013 Yellow Student Pencils.

Got to go to London!

American Lung Association — Save The Lungs

Thanks for checking out my book. — Hit me up at

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