Young Irish DJs And Producers

Many young DJs and producers have come to fruition in Ireland in recent years (Image:

In terms of DJs and producers, Ireland has come a long way in the past few years with so many young people picking up a pair of headphones and learning how to use a set of decks. House music would be one of the most widely produced genre of music in Ireland currently. Many of these producers only began learning their craft in recent years and now some have even been signed to massive record labels.

I spoke to 19 year-old Dublin-based DJ and producer, Robbie Griffiths a.k.a. RobbieG, and got his opinion on the music production scene in Ireland.

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“The scene at the moment is flying, 2/3 years ago when I was starting off there was barely anyone interested in producing music at my age, now there are DJs/Producers all over the country doing it. In my opinion I don’t think the Irish scene has been more active when it comes to music being put out (there) & DJs playing in different countries etc. One thing I’ll say about the scene is, even though it’s doing very well at the moment, it’s still a small circle so almost everyone knows everyone, so if you got a ‘jealous’ or backstabbing producer ,which there always is, and they started talking about another artist it would be set alight and that producer/DJ would be sent on very quick. Now that’s only from my point of view, but other than that I’m happy to be up there and at the forefront of the scene at the moment”.

Robbie was one of the pioneers in the production of house music in Ireland. He would have been one of the first producers I (and many others) would have started listening to. Over time Robbie’s popularity grew as he began to produce more music. He was eventually signed to record labels Selected, Universal Music Group LA and 3Beat. His most recent track was a remix of the Boyz II Men classic, “On Bended Knee”, which reached number one on the Irish Top 40 Dance Charts which was obviously a huge achievement for the young man. You can listen to the song here.

Robbie has played a gig in Dublin’s Wright Venue with the very famous DJ and producer, Jax Jones. Robbie recently played at Ministry Of Sound in London, where he lined up alongside some well-known names in the world of music, these included the likes of Tom Zanetti, Wanklemut, Jonas Blue and Alex Adair. Robbie gave me his thoughts on playing at this event and also talked about when he played in Santa Ponsa.

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“Well the biggest gig I’ve played is Ministry Of Sound in London, only my second gig in England which is sick. The best gig I’d say would be Basement in Santa Ponsa, not the best club in the world but when I was over there, everybody was up for it and throughout my whole set I couldn’t stop loving it”.

Alongside Robbie at the top of the ladder of Irish music producers is Jay Pryor, Jay is a very talented producer and one who would consider criminally underrated with his Soundcloud account at 13,000 followers.

His track “All This” was placed on Ministry Of Sound’s New Releases playlist. He was also tasked with producing a mix for Ministry Of Sound’s Soundcloud account along with making one for YouTube channel, Selected’s to celebrate them reaching 800,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

In early December of this year, Jay worked with well renowned DJ and producer, Steve Aoki and former One Direction singer, Louis Tomlinson to produce the single “Just Hold On”. The song burst onto the charts and debuted at number 2 on the UK Official Singles Chart. With talent like this I definitely expect to see Jay Pryor becoming a big name on the dance music scene worldwide.

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There are many young Irish DJs and Producers that I have not mentioned in this post, such as Kyle Meehan, Beave, Pidge Mitchell, Pearse Dunne, LTGTR and many, many more. If I was to go into detail about all of these talented producers then I would be talking for days because they all clearly have a skill in producing music and they will all go far.

All I can say is that the production of house music in this country is definitely at the highest it’s ever been. With some of the talent that is out there it is clear to see that Irish house music is in safe hands and there will be plenty of tunes being released in the future that will be worthy of many accolades.