Yes it’s Monday, but stop being a …

For yes it’s Monday, but if you are dreading it every weekend you have got to ask yourself what are you doing wrong. If you have a shit Monday it’s because that you are focusing on negative thoughts and therefore bringing negative experiences into your life. Ring any bells. Yeah, it’s the law of attraction that everyone harps on about. It’s a thing. So get out there, figure out what isn’t working, change it then triple down and focus on whatever the hell you should be doing. Is it an online business? An app that is going to change up the whole game? Well then, let me point you to one of my favourite sayings by one of the elite.

“What is the most important thing you could be working on in the world right now? .. And if you’re not working on that, why aren’t you?”
Aaron Swartz, 1986–2013
Aaron Hillel Swartz, co-founder of Reddit, computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist.
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