Baseball, Americas Pastime

When I say the phrase “Americas Pastime”, what comes to mind? For me, just the phrase alone connotes feelings of excitement and love for the game that has been so good to me throughout my lifetime. The phrase comes with nostalgic memories of my youth, a time when I really had no idea what this game would eventually do for me as a person and as an athlete. All the greatest memories from my childhood that I can best reflect and recollect are the ones that came from the game baseball. It’s a game that will engrave memories in your mind that won’t leave until the day you die. This is why the great sport of baseball is America’s pastime.

Baseball has been around for some odd two hundred years now. Just after our great country gained its independence, this game was created. At the time, I’m sure no one had any idea what it would turn into and how many people it would really effect. From professional teams playing in front of a couple hundred people, to millions tuning in everyday to catch their favorite team compete on the ball field. Professional players that used to play just to put food on the table, now get paid millions of dollars every year to compete and entertain us. Baseball exemplifies the idea of American culture better than anything else in the world. The idea that you can sit in a ballpark cheering on your favorite team on a warm sunny day, while smothering your face with a hotdog and a nice cold beer (if you are of age) gives so many Americans a warm fuzzy feeling and remembrance of their youth when they were fortunate enough play the game as well. Baseball brings families together and helps us to remember how fortunate we are to have the freedoms that we Americans are given today. Professional ball players are superstars in the eyes of the American people and act as a role model to so many kids, young adults, and even grown-ups, myself included. Men like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, etc. acted as a catalyst for the popularity of the game and are referred to as legends today even though they hung up their cleats nearly one hundred years ago. Baseball gives Americans something to put their heart and souls into and be passionate about along with bringing so many of us together. It creates relationships that last a lifetime and memories that will never die. From the industrial revolution, through the world wars, and all the way to the present day baseball has been there for us and embellished. The analytics of baseball have changed a lot over the years, but the game will always be Americas pastime.


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